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How do I use this?

This page demonstrates how to use the Shoothill Postcode API from a web page using client-side scripting. When you press the "Map Postcode" button your browser makes a request to the API server for the location of the postcode you entered. The server responds with the location data if the postcode is valid, or an error response if the postcode is not found. Type a postcode in the box and give it a try!

"Use XML" Option

By default, requests are made to the API requesting that the data be returned in JSON format. If you would like the result to be returned in XML format instead, tick the "Use XML" box.

Where's the source code?

In most browsers, in order to view the code for this page simply right-click anywhere within the page and select the "View Source" option. All the code is written as inline javascript. This page uses the jQuery javascript library to simplify the DOM interaction and to handle the asynchronous requests to the API for data.

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